120 Heart Touching Good Night Messages For Him

Want to make your guy’s bedtime a little sweeter? Well, get ready to send him off to dreamland with a smile and thoughts of you in his head. With the right good night messages for him, you can do just that.

Imagine him cozying up in bed, thinking about how you love him before he falls asleep. These messages will have him eagerly waiting to see you again.

In this article, we’ve gathered some sweet good night messages that will help him sleep with a smile on his face and help him wake up feeling good.

Get ready to be the reason he goes to sleep happy and wakes up thinking of you. Let’s dive in.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Him

❤️ I’m thinking of you and wishing you a good night’s sleep!

❤️ I couldn’t sleep without telling you I love you. Good night.

❤️ Hey, my king! Just checking in to wish you a wonderful day tomorrow. Goodnight!

❤️ Thank you for making me feel special and lucky. Sweet dreams!

❤️ I feel blessed to have you as my boyfriend. Sending you my goodnight wishes.

❤️ Let’s promise to dream of each other tonight.

❤️ Starting my day with a “good morning” to you is the best and ending it with a “good night” is even better.

❤️ Sending warm hugs and sweet kisses to you as you drift off to sleep. Goodnight!

❤️ I wish I could hold you tight tonight instead of just saying “good night” from afar.

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❤️ Your caring touch has made everything better since I met you. Sleep tight, my love.

❤️ Nighty-night!

❤️ My love for you knows no bounds. Sleep well, my dear.

Cute Good Night Messages For Him To Make Him Smile

❤️ Goodnight, my angel.

❤️ Hoping you have the sweetest dream tonight.

❤️ Sleep tight, my love. Wishing you a peaceful night and the happiest dreams.

❤️ You’re the best! Just wanted to remind you before you sleep.

❤️ Saying good night while thanking God for your love in my life.

❤️ Sleep well, handsome. Hoping to be the first thing on your mind tomorrow morning.

❤️ Wishing you the best day tomorrow, honey.

❤️ My night feels complete when I wish you a wonderful night.

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❤️ Our love outshines everything. Goodnight, sweetheart.

❤️ Sleep well. I love you.

Sweet Good Night Messages For Him To Make Him Feel Special

❤️ Taking a moment to be grateful for the day we shared. Sleep tight, my prince.

❤️ Have the sweetest of dreams.

❤️ Cherishing every moment with you and eagerly awaiting our next meeting. Good night, honey.

❤️ Missing you. Have a good sleep.

❤️ Wishing you peace and serenity on this beautiful night. Bless you, my love.

❤️ Good night to the most beautiful person on earth.

❤️ You’re the last person on my mind before sleep and the first when I wake up. Sleep well, my prince.

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❤️ Rest well. If you can’t sleep, I’m just a text away!

❤️ Hoping you feel loved before drifting off. Sweet dreams, my only one.

Heart Touching Good Night Messages For Him

❤️ Grateful for your presence in my life, even when we’re apart. Good night!

❤️ Your kisses and hugs are my last thoughts before sleep. I love you, honey.

❤️ Saying “I love you” before sleep because I can’t do without it. Good night, my love.

❤️ May tomorrow be filled with joy. For now, have a peaceful sleep.

❤️ Your name is on my lips and my love is in your heart. Good night.

❤️ Let my love ease your stress as you close your eyes. Sleep well.

❤️ You’re the star in my night sky. Good night.

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❤️ Sleeping with joy and satisfaction because of you. I couldn’t be myself without you. Good night, love.

❤️ I love you more each day. Good night.

❤️ Hoping our sweetest dreams come true. Love you, Mr. Handsome.

Good Night Messages For Boyfriend That’ll Melt His Heart

❤️ Sleep well. You’re my favorite dream.

❤️ We’re inseparable. Good night to the most handsome person. Love you.

❤️ Thinking of you and hoping you’re having a peaceful night, my darling.

❤️ My prayer is that you always feel deeply loved as you fall asleep.

❤️ Falling asleep with your name on my mind and a smile on my face. Good night, honey.

❤️ If I were the Sandman, I’d add extra sparkle to your dreams.

❤️ May the angels watch over you as you sleep, my love.

❤️ “Hey handsome, hope you have fantastic dreams tonight.”

❤️ “Just wanted to say – sweet dreams, my love. I’ll be thinking of you all night.”

❤️ “Sleep tight. Dream about me. And don’t forget to text me when you wake up.”

Funny Good Night Texts For Him

❤️ “Good night, love. If you have a scary dream, please don’t call me. I need my beauty sleep!”

❤️ “I’m sending you kisses and hugs so you can have a wonderful and peaceful sleep.”

❤️ “Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t worry about bedbugs biting.”

❤️ “Have a good sleep and dream about your favorite person… which is obviously me!”

❤️ “I really appreciate that you always text me goodnight.”

❤️ “Sleep well and dream about me—or pizza, whichever you prefer.”

❤️ “I wish I could fall asleep in your arms, snuggled up next to your heart.”

❤️ “Hoping you enjoy a night without my snoring. Have a good sleep!”

❤️ “I wish we could stay up all night talking instead of sleeping!”

❤️ “Tell the monsters under your bed to behave or else!”

Hot Dirty Good Night Text Messages For Him

❤️ “What do you think we’d be doing if we were together in bed right now?”

❤️ “I got a new attractive nightgown. Wish you were here to see it. Goodnight!”

❤️ “I wish we could keep talking instead of sleeping!”

❤️ “My bed isn’t as comfy as being in your arms.”

❤️ “My bed feels empty without you.”

❤️ “It’s hard to sleep when I’m thinking of you so much.”

❤️ “I can’t sleep. I keep imagining what we could be doing together.”

❤️ Tomorrow night, I’ll kiss you to sleep. Tonight, I’ll dream about it.

❤️ “Maybe we should move in together. Saying ‘good night’ through texts isn’t enough.

S#xy Flirty Good Night Messages For Him

❤️ “I can’t sleep because I keep thinking about you and your attractive body.”

❤️ “If you were here, you’d keep me warmer than my blankets.”

❤️ “Guess what? I’m wearing that thing you like. Goodnight!”

❤️ “Honestly, I might stay up all night thinking about you!”

❤️ “I’d rather be with you in bed right now.”

❤️ “If we were together, we wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight!”

❤️ “I’m here if you’re feeling lonely tonight.”

❤️ “Just wanted to show you what I’m wearing to bed… [with your permission]”

❤️ “If we were together, we wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight!”

❤️ “I wish my head was on your chest instead of this pillow.”

Crazy Good Night Messages For Him

❤️ “I can’t sleep without letting you know how much I miss you. Love you and goodnight.”

❤️ “Today has been crazy busy, and I wish I had seen you. So, I’m thinking about you before I sleep. Goodnight, sleep tight.”

❤️ “You’re the only one on my mind as I drift off. Sweet dreams.”

❤️ “Goodnight, my dream guy. I’ll see you in my dreams.”

❤️ “I wish this pillow was you I’m cuddled up against.”

❤️ “I wish we didn’t have to be apart at night. I’ll dream of you, my love.”

❤️ “Will I be in your dreams? Wondering what we’ll do together there.”

❤️ “I’d go the distance to be with you tonight. Missing you, good night.”

❤️ “Every day you give me more reasons to love you. I’ll fall asleep thinking of ways to make you love me more.”

❤️ “One day I hope to wake up next to you. Until then, Good Night.”

Good Night Message For Him Long Distance

❤️ “Me and my lonely heart can’t wait for the day we’ll meet again. Good night.”

❤️ “As long as you’re in my heart and I’m in yours, our love can go anywhere. Good night, my love.”

❤️ “Days turn to nights, weeks to months, and still, I wait for the day we can finally be together. Good night, my sweetheart.”

❤️ “You’ve become a part of me, and we’re in this together. Even if we’re far apart, our hearts are close. I love you.”

❤️ “Though you’re far away, you’ll always have a place in my heart. Good night, my dear.”

❤️ “I feel your presence as I drift off to sleep, and I hope you feel my love too.”

❤️ “I hope you’ll wake up thinking of me. Good night.”

❤️ “I love you more than anything, and I wish you the sweetest dreams.”

❤️ “Wishing you pleasant dreams for a cozy night. Wish you were here, holding me tight.”

Loving Short Good Night Messages For Him

❤️ “Good night, my love.”

❤️ “Goodnight, I’m missing you!”

❤️ “Sleep tight, sweetie.”

❤️ “Good night, babe.”

❤️ “Wishing you sweet dreams.”

❤️ “Remember, you’re loved. Good night.”

❤️ “Sweet dreams, I love you.”

❤️ “Good night, honey.”

❤️ “Hope your day was amazing. Sweet dreams.”

❤️ “You’re on my mind. Good night.”

❤️ “See you in the morning. Hasta mañana!”

❤️ “Already missing you. Sleep well, my love!”

Heartfelt Long Good Night Messages For Him

❤️ “I can’t imagine sleeping without you beside me. I don’t mind sounding clingy or dependent because I want you in all my tomorrows. Good night.”

❤️ “Life’s a journey, and we’re in it together, day by day. I know we’ll grow old side by side, always supporting each other through thick and thin. I love you today, tomorrow, and every day beyond. Good night, my forever love.”

❤️ “I’m holding onto you tight, now and forever. You’re the man of my dreams, and I’ll keep showing you how much you mean to me every single day. Good night, my amazing king.”

❤️ “You complete me. You make me better. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this journey called life. I’ll always treasure our bond and love. Good night, my dear love.”

❤️ “You’re a blessing I never expected, but I’m grateful you’re in my life. You’re my support and I want to soar with you for as long as I can. I love you deeply, good night.”

❤️ “I’m sorry if I’ve ever made you doubt our relationship. You and me, baby, forever. I love you more than words can say. Good night, my love!”

❤️ “Every moment with you is precious to me. You’re my one and only. I love you immensely. Good night, my dear.”

❤️ “As I drift off, you’ll be in my thoughts, and in my dreams, you’ll be by my side. Good night to the love of my life.”

❤️ “Seeing your picture before I sleep makes my heart race. I love you deeply, even if it hurts sometimes. Good night, my dear.”

❤️ “I want to grow old alongside you, sharing laughs, tears, and all the joys life brings. Let’s live a long, happy life together. Good night, my love.”

Good Night Messages For Him After A Fight

❤️ “You’re my heartbeat, and I never want anything to come between us. Please forgive me.”

❤️ “I’ll do anything to earn your forgiveness completely. I can’t bear the thought of losing you. I’m sorry for what I did and said.”

❤️ “Right now, all that matters to me is seeing you smile at me again.”

❤️ “I wish you knew how much I regret everything. I’m deeply sorry for hurting you. Please forgive me.”

❤️ “My love, I’m so sorry. It pains me knowing I’ve hurt you.”

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❤️ “You mean everything to me. I’m truly sorry for causing you pain.”

❤️ “Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? I promise to do better.”

❤️ “I love you deeply, and it pains me to know I’ve hurt you. Please forgive me.”

❤️ “Every day I shed tears because it hurts to see you unhappy with me. I’m truly sorry, my love.”

❤️ “My heart is heavy with pain. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me and ease this ache?”

❤️ “I long for your forgiveness so that my smile can return. Please, let’s put an end to this anger.”

Final Words

By sending thoughtful and heartfelt good night messages, you can make your guy’s bedtime a little sweeter and leave him dreaming of you. These messages are sure to put a smile on his face as he drifts off to sleep, eagerly anticipating the next time he gets to see you. So, don’t hesitate to send one of these sweet messages tonight and be the reason he goes to bed happy and wakes up thinking of you.

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