85 Cute “Goodnight” Messages to Send Someone Special

Want to make your partner’s bedtime more lovely? Well, get ready to send them off to dreamland with a smile and thoughts of you in their mind. With the right good night messages, you can do just that.

Imagine your partner cozying up in bed, thinking about you before falling asleep. These messages will have him or her eagerly waiting to see you again.

In this article, we’ve gathered some lovely good night messages that will have your partner excited for bedtime. Get ready to be the reason he or she goes to sleep happy and wakes up thinking of you.

Cute Good Night Messages

❤️ Good night! May you sleep well and wake up with new hopes and positive energy.

❤️ Have a good night and sweet dreams! Sending you my best wishes and blessings.

❤️ To my love, I hope you have beautiful dreams tonight. Rest well, honey.

❤️ Sleep tight and dream sweet dreams! May your dreams be happy and peaceful.

❤️ Good night, my love! Sending warm hugs and blessings your way.

❤️ May the stars and moonlight brighten your night. Have a good night.

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❤️ Your presence in my life shines as brightly as the stars in the sky.

❤️ Get some rest, my darling. You deserve it.

❤️ Thinking of you as I look at the stars tonight.

❤️ Sweet dreams! Have a peaceful night.

❤️ Sending you a big hug and kiss through this message. Thinking of you.

❤️ Good night! May only sweet dreams visit you tonight.

❤️ I miss you when I go to bed, but I want to wish you a good night and let you know that nothing in the world could replace you.

❤️ Hoping you have a good night filled with dreams of me and wake up excited to see me soon.

Romantic Good Night Messages

❤️ Sending a virtual kiss and wishing you a restful night. Love you, goodnight.

❤️ Good night, dear. Hope you rest well and wake up refreshed tomorrow morning.

❤️ You’re the last thing on my mind before I sleep. Goodnight, my love.

❤️ I think of you when I wake up and before I sleep. Wishing you a peaceful night, sweetheart.

❤️ Close your eyes, knowing you’re deeply loved.

❤️ Thankful for you every night. Good night, baby ❤️

❤️ Dream big and wake up with a smile. Goodnight, my beautiful princess.

❤️ You mean everything to me. Have a good night, darling. I hope you have sweet dreams.

❤️ Dreaming of you tonight. Goodnight, sweetheart.

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❤️ May tonight bring you peace and energy. Sweet dreams, my love.

❤️ No matter how tough the day was, always try to end it on a positive note. Look forward to tomorrow and hope for a good night’s sleep. Good night!

❤️ Looking forward to the day we can say good night in person instead of through texts. Have a cozy night, and I can’t wait for that day. I love you very much.

Lovely Good Night Messages

❤️ Hey love, good night! You’re my dream come true.

❤️ Can’t wait to meet you in my dreams, sweetheart. Have a great night’s sleep. Love you lots ❤️

❤️ Even though I’m tired, I can’t sleep without saying I love you, my angel. Good night.

❤️ I adore you so much. As you close your eyes tonight, I wish you sweet dreams and peaceful sleep.

❤️ The best part of my night is holding you close. Have sweet dreams, my darling.

❤️ Goodnight to my handsome prince! Your dreams make mine real. Sleep tight, my love.

❤️ You’re my sweetest dream ever, no need for anything else. Love you to the moon and back, baby.

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❤️ Your love lights up my darkest nights. Good night, my love.

❤️ Sleep well, knowing you’re always on my mind, both as I drift off and when I wake.

❤️ You make every day special. I want us to be together forever. Sweet dreams, darling. Sleep well.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Him

❤️ Thinking about our love story makes me smile every night. Good night, my dearest.

❤️ Your presence in my life is a gift. May your dreams reflect the happiness you bring into my heart. Can’t wait for more memories tomorrow.

❤️ Every night, I fall asleep with thoughts of you. Good night, my love.

❤️ Just like candles need light, I need you for sweet dreams. Good night, honey, love you.

❤️ I wish I could kiss you good night in person. Sweet dreams!

❤️ You’re the reason I go to sleep with a smile. As you drift off tonight, I hope you’re smiling, thinking of me too. Sleep well, my love.

❤️ Close your eyes, touch your heart, and make a wish as you say goodnight. The sky is vast, the stars are bright, so turn off the lights and sleep tight. I’ll be home soon.

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❤️ You mean everything to me, dear hubby.

❤️ Have a good night’s sleep, sweetheart. I’ll be in your dreams, ready for a hug!

❤️ Let my love cover you like a blanket as you sleep. Good night, my love!

❤️ You’re always on my mind. Have a good night, dear husband!

❤️ One day, we’ll wake up next to each other with new passion. Good night!

❤️ May your night be as vibrant as the emotions you evoke in me. Sleep peacefully, my muse.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Her

❤️ Sleep beautifully, my queen. Rest your heart and mind after a long day.

❤️ You’re the woman of my dreams. Can’t wait to wake up next to you. Sweet dreams!

❤️ Sleep soundly, my sleeping beauty. I wish I could hold you tight.

❤️ Sleep soundly, my sleeping beauty. I wish I could hold you tight.

❤️ You’re the woman I dream of, so I hope you’re thinking of me too. Good night, beautiful.

❤️ Let’s see this night as a chance to plan all the things we’ll do tomorrow. Goodnight, my dear.

❤️ I don’t mind nightmares as long as I wake up to you. Good night, my love.

❤️ Our love is timeless. Good night, sweetheart.

❤️ Thinking of our memories tonight. Sweet dreams, my love.

❤️ Even though you’re away tonight, you’re always in my dreams. I love you deeply. Good night, my dear.

❤️ Your love makes me smile every night. Good night!

❤️ I love you more each day. Can’t wait to love you even more tomorrow.

❤️ May you have sweet dreams, my love. I’ll fight off nightmares for you.

❤️ Even though I’m not there, I can’t skip saying good night to you.

Good Night Messages For Someone Special

❤️ I really love holding you close. Wish I could do it tonight. Good night!

❤️ Dreaming of you is the best dream. Get ready for another lovely dream tonight. See you in dreamland. Good night!

❤️ The stars are shining bright. Time to say goodnight. Close your eyes and snuggle up tight. Sweet dreams!

❤️ Have a goodnight, my darling ❤️ Stay safe and sound. Hope you have a mesmerizing sleep and sweet dreams.

❤️ Tonight, I’ll be your most colorful dream and your sweetest sleep. Just let me in when I knock on the door of your heart. Good night!

❤️ If I were with you tonight, I’d hold you close and surround you with sweet love.

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❤️ You’re everything to me. I spend my days thinking of you and my nights dreaming of you. Good night!

❤️ Thankful for every second I get to love you. Good night and sweet dreams, baby.

❤️ May the moon guide you to sweet dreams. Good night.

❤️ You’re the first thing on my mind every night. Good night.

Flirty Good Night Messages

❤️ Tonight, I’m sending you warm hugs through this text to make you feel cozy, even if we’re not snuggled up together.

❤️ Sometimes the night feels endless, but knowing I’ll wake up to your kiss makes it easier to sleep. Sweet dreams, my love.

❤️ I spent the whole night dreaming about you and couldn’t stop smiling.

❤️ While the nights may feel long, dreaming of you makes it better. Good night, sweetheart.

❤️ May you have a sound and sweet sleep, feeling my love surrounding you in your dreams. Good night!

❤️ You’re the reason I wake up smiling every morning. Let’s drift off to sleep peacefully, knowing we’ll wake up to each other again for another beautiful day. Good night, my love.

❤️ As I lie here about to drift off, I’m filled with gratitude for having you in my life as my sweetheart and love. Wishing you the sweetest dreams.

❤️ Every night, I wish for your goodnight kiss.

Funny Good Night Messages

❤️ Good night! May you be safe from the ghost under your bed!

❤️ The future is shaped by your dreams, so stop wasting time and go to sleep! Have a good night and sweet dreams!

❤️ Good night! Hoping I don’t show up in your dreams; I don’t want to be part of a nightmare tonight.

❤️ Instead of dwelling on the past or planning the future, spend time killing mosquitoes to ensure a better sleep. Good night!

❤️ Sleeping is one of your talents, along with breathing, so have a good night!

❤️ Tonight, I might dream of you… winning the lottery and buying me a private island. Well, mostly kidding. Good night!

❤️ The sun sets, the sky darkens, and I can’t stay happy without saying goodnight to you, my love.

❤️ Here’s to hoping tomorrow is the day you conquer life. Sleep well!

❤️ My darling, if you have a nightmare tonight, please don’t call me. I need to sleep too.

❤️ Just making sure you haven’t sleepwalked to the fridge and eaten all the cookies. Goodnight!

Romantic Good Night Love Messages For Him

❤️ May your dreams be pleasant and sweet. Good night honey, I love you.

❤️ You’re the sparkle in my nights and the warmth in my days. Sleep well, knowing you’re deeply cherished.

❤️ Close your eyes, clear your mind, and listen closely to the stars. Good night my dear!

❤️ Dreaming of the day we wake up together. Sweet dreams my love!

❤️ Loneliness feels heavy, so let’s have a late-night adventure. Pick me up, take me for a drive, hold me close, and make me feel alive. It might just be wishful thinking, but the thought of it lifts my spirits. Sweet dreams, my love.

❤️ It feels unfair to wish you a good night because dreaming about you keeps me awake all night.

❤️ Every day, my love for you grows stronger. Sweet dreams.

❤️ Tomorrow is a fresh start. Sleep well, my love.

❤️ Hope you have a restful sleep. Good night, my love.

Good Night Message For Her Long-Distance

❤️ Sleeping beside you at night sounds like the most romantic thing ever. I’m sure we’ll do it someday. Good night!

❤️ Even though you’re away, you’re always in my heart. Sleep tight, my love.

❤️ When I miss you, I just close my eyes and imagine us together in our dreams. Sweet dreams, my dear.

❤️ May your dreams be sweet, my dear. I love you loads. Sleep well, my princess.

❤️ Have a beautiful night and dream wonderful dreams, my love. Hope it eases your stress.

❤️ It’s hard to say good night knowing you’re my dream woman. Sleep well, baby.

❤️ Thinking of you makes all my troubles disappear. Wishing you a peaceful night, my sweetheart.

❤️ Sleep tight and have the best dreams ever.

❤️ Imagine I’m cuddling you as you sleep. Sweet dreams.

❤️ Sleep tight and remember me when you wake up.

Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

❤️ Saying good night feels strange when I start dreaming about you.

❤️ Can’t believe I have someone as charming as you. Goodnight, prince charming!

❤️ I love you more than anything in the world and hope you have sweet dreams.

❤️ Goodnight to my knight in shining armor, who keeps my nightmares away.

❤️ You’re perfect just the way you are. Goodnight, my love ❤️.

❤️ Goodnight, my love, you’ve always been the one for me.

❤️ Your thoughts keep me up at night, but seeing your face makes it all worth it. Sweet dreams!

❤️ As you drift off to sleep, know I’ll be there holding your hand. Goodnight, my love.

❤️ Seeing you asleep next to me makes me feel incredibly lucky. Sweet dreams, sweetheart.

❤️ The stars are shining, the wind is blowing, and the moon whispers it’s time for sleep. Goodnight, my one and only.

❤️ You’re the calm in my chaotic day. Here’s to a peaceful night filled with dreams as happy as you make me.

Sweet Good Night Messages For Girlfriend

❤️ Tonight’s menu: a cozy bed, warm pillow, and dreams as sweet as you. Goodnight, my sweet!

❤️ My nights are brighter with thoughts of you. May your dreams be as sweet as you are. Sleep well.

❤️ The day has been long, but now it’s time to rest. Sleep tight, with dreams of me waiting.

❤️ I hope this night recycles your worries into confidence and joy. Sleep well.

❤️ The moon shines bright like you shine in my heart. Sweet dreams.

❤️ Thinking of you before I sleep makes my night wonderful. Just the idea of you brings a smile to my face. Being with you is the greatest joy. My love for you will never fade. Sleep well, my dear.

❤️ Sending warm wishes for a good night’s rest to my man! After a long, tiring day, I hope you can sleep soundly. I love you and I’m wrapping you in my hugs.

❤️ Even though it’s not true, I still like to believe that the moon shines just for us. Have a good night!

❤️ Thoughts of you make my nights brighter. As you get ready to sleep, remember that you’re the sweet melody in my heart’s song. May your dreams be as delightful as your presence and wake up to my love in the morning.

Good Night Messages for Friends

❤️ Hey buddy, don’t let the stress of the day get to you. Take a deep breath, relax, and have a peaceful sleep. Good night!

❤️ We’ve had another amazing day together. Now it’s time to recharge because tomorrow promises to be even better. Sweet dreams, dear friend!

❤️ Romantic relationships may come and go, but our friendship will always glow brightly. Good night, my friend.

❤️ Wishing all my friends a restful sleep and peaceful dreams. Leave your worries behind and sleep soundly. Good night!

❤️ May all your worries fade away as you drift off to sleep. Sending you a big hug, buddy! Have a good night.

❤️ Tonight, as you drift into dreamland, may only positive thoughts accompany you, my dear friend. Have a good night and sleep tight.

❤️ Looking up at the stars tonight, I couldn’t help but wonder which one was you, because you shine like a true star, my friend! Have a good night!

❤️ Before you close your eyes, remember that our friendship is as precious as any treasure and shines as bright as the stars above. Sleep well and get ready to conquer another day together. Good night, my bestie!

❤️ Sometimes, I might not show it, but having you as my best friend means the world to me. Being alone at night makes me realize just how much you mean to me. Sending you lots of love. Good night, xoxo.

❤️ I don’t want to disturb your sleep after your hard work all day, but I just had to say how proud I am of you. Sleep well, my best friend.

Short Good Night Messages

❤️ Goodnight, sweetie. Imagine the happiness and joy awaiting you tomorrow.

❤️ Dream of bright smiles and heartwarming moments. Sweet dreams, my sunshine.

❤️ Wishing you smiles and adorable dreams. Rest well, sweetheart.

❤️ Angel, rest your head on the softest pillow and dream sweetly.

❤️ Sleep peacefully, sleepyhead, like a cat.

❤️ Sleep well, my sweetheart. Goodnight.

❤️ Goodnight, cutie. Dream of all the adorable things that make you smile.

❤️ Wishing you sweet dreams and delightful experiences tonight. Rest well, my sweetheart.

❤️ May your sweet dreams fill the night sky. Rest well, my sweetheart.

❤️ Imagine drifting off on a marshmallow cloud. Goodnight, my sweetheart.

Good Night Quotes

❤️ “And I start sleeping and dreaming and I think I’ll dream about you all through the night.” – John Mayer

❤️ “As the night gets dark, let your worries fade. sleep peacefully knowing you’ve done all you can do for today.” – Roald Dahl

❤️ “I can’t close my eyes without you in my dreams.” – Luke Bryan

❤️ “May tonight be a lovely and serene bridge that will lead you to a wonderful tomorrow.” – E. Joseph Cossman

❤️ “Each night, I hope the moon is large and bright and you will be happy and right. When you turn off the light, keep in mind that I am dreaming of you.” – Titteey

❤️ “Good night! God keep you till the morning, and guard you safe from every harm.” – Lyliam Williams

❤️ “How strange, to dream of you, even when I am wide awake.” – D.J.

❤️ “I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” – Stephenie Meyer

Good Night Text Messages

❤️ Just a reminder before you sleep: your hubby loves you to the moon and back. Good night, love.

❤️ Wishing all your worries fade away as you drift into sleep. Good night!

❤️ Sending you my love as you sleep peacefully, my dear. Good night.

❤️ After all your hard work today, it’s time to relax in bed and get some rest. Good night to you.

❤️ May the night bring you comfort and peace. Good night.

❤️ Hoping my good night text brings a smile to your face. Rest well and have a wonderful day ahead.

Final Words

Feel free to use these lovely messages to send to your beloved one, friend, or someone special you care about, so they can have a wonderful night ahead. Sending a good night message is a beautiful way to express your feelings and convey your regards before they drift off to sleep. There’s nothing more important than showing your affection and love for someone, so why not brighten their night with these cute and sweet goodnight messages?

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