Happy 8 Months Baby Quotes for Facebook and Instagram

Happy 8 Months Baby Quotes for Facebook and Instagram

Happy 8 months baby quotes: One of your newborn baby’s most memorable birthdays is at eight months. As he / she makes significant progress toward getting smarter. You’ll be stumped thinking on how do I wish happy birthday to my baby or what should I write as a caption for my baby on this joyous occasion.

As a parent you need to ensure that your baby grows up to be a secure, self-assured, and confident baby by celebrating each of his/her accomplishments, so it’s not silly to come up with poems or songs to celebrate your baby’s 8th month birthday.

In this article Love Wordings have compiled the greatest and most unique and beautiful happy 8-month baby birthday wishes, prayers, captions and quotes for you to share on your social media accounts or status, whether you’re a father or a mother.

Happy 8 Months Baby Quotes

Happy 8 Months Baby Quotes

❤️ A year is one minute, a decade is one day, and a century is one second. Because time flies, cherish every moment you have with your child. HAPPY EIGHT MONTHS BABY!!!!

❤️ You could be eight months old today. But I’m hoping and praying that doors of opportunity will continue to open for you. My baby, happy eighth month birthday!

❤️ Happy 8-Month-Old! My you are already eight months old. Time passes so quickly.

❤️ I would go to any length for you. Nothing would make me happier than to see you at your finest. I love you with all my heart, (insert baby name). My darling, have a wonderful birthday.

❤️ Happy 8 months, sweetheart. I had no idea how quickly eight months might pass. Every day, you grow and change, and I know this is only the beginning of many more fun and exciting things to come.

❤️ It’s been an incredible eight months with you. This is how I know you’ll keep bringing us laughter, tranquility, and happiness. Happy eighth month of life!

❤️ Sweet baby, happy eight months! From the moment you were born, you’ve gone a long way. Cheers to our little Dutch boy, who is growing and improving every day!

❤️ Without you, my life would be meaningless at this point. My darling, happy eight-month birthday! I care for you as if my life depended on it 🥺💖.

❤️ Hello, Sweetie! I can’t believe you’re eight months old already! The time have flown by. When I look at you, I realize what a miracle you are and how fortunate I am to be your mommy. You make my heart beat faster.

❤️ Hello, sweetheart! I’m really proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished in the previous eight months! Continue to grow and learn, and never forget how much we love you and always will 💞.

❤️ Oh, my goodness! I can’t believe it has been eight months already. How did that much time flies so quickly? I adore you, my little one. You’re growing up so quickly! I enjoy watching you develop and learn new skills.

❤️ Oh, my goodness, what a journey! I can’t believe it has already been eight months. How could so much time fly by so fast? My little one, I love you. You’re growing up way too fast! It’s truly amazing you grow and gain new talents.

❤️ We love this 8-month stage in your development. We love you more than you’ll probably ever realize, but here are a few ways to express it.

❤️ Already eight months? It feels like you were born yesterday, but also like an eternity. I am so thankful for you, little darling. I’m excited to see what the next eight months hold. You are my lifeblood!💕

❤️ Baby 🥺thank you for being such an important part of our lives. We love you and can’t wait to spend more months with you.💙Q

❤️ I’m extremely grateful and fortunate that you and your mother are both healthy — just as we hoped and prayed for, since we love each other. And we love you more than anything else in the world.

❤️ “I’m so glad I have a girl because if she was a boy he would have grown up to marry her.” – William Goldman

FUN FACT: A baby is born with 250 bones, but by the time they reach the age of five months, about 20% of those bones have fused together.

❤️ Happy 8-Month Birthday, Baby! To the moon and back, I love you! You came into our lives and brought us so much happiness.

❤️ You seem to have grown so much since you were in my belly, and we can’t wait to watch all the new things you do and accomplish in the next 8 months — Happy 8-Month Birthday, Baby!💜

❤️ Happy 8-month birthday, little one! There are so many new things to discover and learn. We already love you!

❤️ Our loveliest little boy is eight months old today. Prince Theodore, we love you! #dirtykid #babyboy #TheodoreCharlie

Are you tired of seeing baby pictures on Facebook? You won’t be bored if you include these humorous baby quotes, jokes, and memes in your Instagram posts.

❤️ “When I look into the eyes of your future children and see them looking back at me, that is when I will feel true happiness.”― Ashlee Simpson

❤️ We’re all ready to celebrate our baby’s First 9 months. 💕♥️ #40weekspregnant

❤️ What better way to celebrate our 8th month than with cake🎂? We’re looking forward to our next eight together.

❤️ What a long way you’ve come in only 8 months! We’ve watched you transform from a tiny but mighty bean into a lovely babe 🥺.

❤️ Here’s to you, the first 8th Months🥳🎉.

❤️ Eight months down, sixteen months to go! Every day becomes more exciting as you grow older. Happy 8-month birthday, baby!

❤️ Happy 8-month-old baby! I am confident that you will be a fantastic runner in the future. Just wait for me to see your race before Dad does. 😃 –Papa

❤️ Happy 8-month-old baby! Welcome to the world, we can’t wait to see you grow.

❤️ Even when you were a small seed, I believe I could have loved you. I’ve loved you since the day we met, and I’m excited to spend the next eight months with you. Happy 8-month-old baby!

❤️ The love between a parent and a child is the most powerful. Parents are constantly there for their children, through good times and bad. That is the type of parent I would like to be. Happy 8th-months old.

❤️ “I’m extremely happy that you’re my 8-month-old baby; I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you.”

❤️ Hello, my sweetheart. It’s been 8 months since you came into this world and forever changed my life.

❤️ I have an entire 8-month load of love to give you. -Titteey

❤️ It’s been eight months already! I totally love your adorable clumsiness, the way your hand finds mine, and the way you glanced intently at people talking. #LuvTillTheEnd

❤️ “I’m hoping you enjoy yelling.” It’s what you’re good at.” -Dr. Seuss

❤️ I’ll be here waiting for you till your termite wings carry you home.

Captions for 8 Months Baby

Captions for 8 Months Baby

❤️ I’ve been in love with you for 8 months today. And every day prior to that. Happy 8-Month Birthday, Baby! #Babyanniversary wishing you all the best in life!

❤️ I’ve never felt more creative or passionate than since becoming a mother. We’re now 8 months pregnant, and we’re loving every minute of it!

❤️ 8 months. It’s time to get out all of the toys, books, and noisemakers to keep your kids occupied!

❤️ It had been 8 months since you had rested your lovely self in my arms. Your laughing is loud enough to make the entire street smile with you, and your smile lights up rooms. I’ve never experienced love like this before.

❤️ Hello! I’m excited to share all of your firsts with you, little one.

❤️ “I enjoy watching you interacting with things in ways I’ve never did before.”

❤️ The most enjoyable aspect of doing something you enjoy is sharing it with those you care about.

❤️ Happy 8 months, you’ve grown a lot. You’ve started crawling, pulling up on furniture, and giggling anytime you eat something!

❤️ Every day with your child feels like a new beginning. Happy 8 months, sweetheart!

❤️ #flavatale, happy 8 months! The months have flown rapidly, but you’ve kept us on our toes by smiling and cuddly one minute and crying and grizzly the next.

❤️ When you discover that nothing is more lovely than your 8-month-old baby’s smile🥰.

❤️ You changed our lives in more ways than we could have dreamed during your first eight months on this world!

❤️ There is no time to waste wondering when your kid will smile for the first time. I didn’t have time to wait for my baby’s first smile because he was already eight months old.

❤️ 8 months is a huge accomplishment! It’s been exciting to see you develop and learn more about your personality every day.

❤️ We’re honored to be able to capture virtually everything you do now that you’re eight months old. We can barely breathe because we’re cooing and laughing so hard at all of your lovely faces and amusing voices.

❤️ One is the most lonely number, two is a crowd, and three is a party! Best wishes to our baby boy on his 8th months birthday today.

❤️ Today, our little snuggle bunny turned eight months old; you are growing up far too soon.

❤️ I still can’t believe how perfect you are after eight months. You shine brighter than everyone else in my life, and it only gets better with each passing day. I sincerely love you.

❤️ Celebrate your baby’s first month by going to the pumpkin patch and picking out your favorite pumpkin.

Cute 8 Months Old Instagram Captions

Happy 8 Months Baby Boy Captions and Quotes

Happy 8 Months Baby Boy Captions and Quotes

❤️ Happy 8-Month Birthday, Baby Boy! I really love you!🥰

❤️ Happy 8-Month Birthday, my boy! We are extremely proud of you for growing into such a healthy and happy young man! Continue to be the happiest baby boy 👶on the world.

❤️ Happy 8-Month Birthday 🎂, our Baby boy! We can’t wait to see what you do next because you’ve already changed so much.

❤️ My sweet baby boy is eight months old today. I can’t believe how much you’ve changed and grown in such a short period of time. We hope all of your dreams come true in the next 8 months.

❤️ Things are only going better. My lovely child is eight months old today. Love you💙

❤️ Hello, Baby boy! You’ve grown over the years since when I picked you up from the hospital. I am a proud mommy since you are already 8 months old and have been sleeping on a regular basis.

❤️ It’s been eight months since you were born. You started growing quickly and are now almost too cute for words. Every day, I’m extremely pleased for your large blue eyes, gorgeous blond hair, and sweet tiny voice.

❤️ It’s 8 months today, so happy birthday, little one!🥺

❤️ WOOHOOO!!! I’m so happy to be celebrating 8 MONTHS with you!!! I’m excited to see how you will develop and change over the next eight months. We’re happy you decided to stay for this exciting ride.

❤️ Isn’t it fun to have you as a baby 👶🍼 for 8 months? I see a lot of grown-ups who have forgotten or never knew how to be silly as kids. I know you are experiencing emotional experiences.

❤️ I live for this face, for this moment. #baby #cute #smiling #8months

❤️ April showers are showering us with baby gifts. #babybump

❤️ I keep catching sight of you out of the corner of my eye and wishing I could stare at you for hours. In such a short time, you’ve made me feel so many different emotions.

❤️ Happy 8-month-old boy, congratulations! We love you and believe you’re very adorable 🥰.

❤️ What did we do to deserve this miracle of a baby boy? We owe you a debt of gratitude. Happy 9 Months Baby Boy #momlife #babyboy

❤️ Happy 8 Months Baby. You offer happiness and joy to our lives. We love you to bits! #8Months

❤️ Happy 8-Month Birthday, Baby! You’re growing up way too quickly, but I know these are the best days of your life.

❤️ Already 8 months! When you’re having a good time with Daddy, time flies. #babyboy #proudmomma #childhoodunplugged

❤️ In less than a week, our new born baby boy will be eight months old! He has come a long way, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for him.

❤️ You have made a significant impact in our world our Baby boy. We love you!!

❤️ We’re celebrating your eighth month today, and we can’t believe how quickly time has gone!! We hope you appreciate our small present… It’s a pleasant item to fill up because we made it specifically for you.

❤️ So many firsts with you during the last eight months. May all of our firsts bring us joy. Here’s to another eight. I’ve fallen in love with you.

❤️ Already eight months? Time passes quickly. It seems to be time to go to the beach.

❤️ It has been 8 months, and there are still more firsts and restless nights to come.

❤️ Happy 8-Month Birthday, Baby Boy!

❤️ Already eight months?! You’ve come a long way in the last three months, and the next seven months will be much better. Happy 8 months birthday to our Baby Boy!

❤️ Our baby guy is eight months old today. Legs, eyes, and smiles galore! 8

❤️ My lovely boy is eight months old today! I’m extremely happy you’ve joined us. We love you😘.

❤️ It’s been 8 months since I first had you in my arms, and you’re now my little man, complete with your unique expressions!! I love you a lot.

❤️ It’s hard to believe he’s almost eight months old! I want to squeeze him forever…

❤️ Today is our baby’s eighth month birthday! We can’t believe how quickly time has flown by, but we are grateful for every minute as our baby grows.

❤️ Today is his 8th month, and he is such a cheerful, sweet little boy. I truly love you 💖.

❤️ This little man is 8 months old today, and he is a big part of what makes my days so bright. Every day, he grows in size and personality, and I cherish every moment I spend with him. Many more to come

❤️ 8 months has flown quickly! You started crawling today, which made Mommy really happy. I’m excited to see what the next eight months have in store for you.

❤️ It’s your second birthday, and you’re already such a big guy. I enjoy watching you develop new talents every day with all of your small achievements, and I’m excited to see what comes next.

❤️ Baby we love you and are looking forward to seeing you!

Happy 8 Months Baby Girl Captions and Quotes

Happy 8 Months Baby Girl Captions and Quotes

❤️ Happy 8-Month Birthday, Baby Girl! Here’s to the next eight months, which will be full of cuddling, kisses, and smiles.

❤️ Happy 8-Month Birthday, Baby Girl! Though the days are long, the months are short.

❤️ Happy 8-month-old Baby girl. I’m honored to be your mother. #babygirl xoxo

❤️ Happy 8-month-old Baby girl! We’re excited to see what new adventures you have in store.

❤️ Happy 8 months to my big girl, who still manages to fit inside these spaces.

❤️I’ve loved you since the day I knew you were part of my life.  My entire life has revolved around you since that time. Eight months down, eighty to go.

❤️ Hello, my name is Rosie, and I’m eight months old!

❤️ You came into this world a year ago and permanently changed our lives. It’s already been eight months since our baby girl was born. We’re so proud of you! Every day brings a new story to tell, a new adventure to pursue, and a new joke to learn. 

❤️ Hi, I’m Titteey, and I’m 8 months old.

❤️ I still don’t know how to put you down after eight months! #ItsTheLittleThings

❤️ It’s been 8 months and still going strong!

❤️ We can’t wait to see you grow. We will always love you. 😘 Jessica!

❤️ As we enter our eighth month of life, we can’t help but think about how much we’ve grown and how much we’ve felt.

❤️ Cheers in the month of the BIG 1! Here’s to the past eight months, during which you’ve inspired us in ways we could never have imagined.

❤️ Happy 8-months old baby girl. I hope you like your blanket! After a long day, we like cuddling and napping with you. #8months #babygirl

❤️ Happy 8-Month-Old Baby Girl! There are 39 days left till the first year begins. #babygirl #firstyear

❤️ I promise to be at your side every step of the journey. Princess Isabella, I wish you a happy 8th month. I love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

❤️ Wow! Our cute baby girl is already eight months old. You’ll be a year old in just a few months, darling. Baby girl, time goes by so quickly. You’ll soon be a big sister, so enjoy growing up. Love from Dad

❤️ Meeting you in person was the BEST thing we could have hoped for. We love your joyful baby laughs and smiles. With you in it, our world could not be much bigger. #EightMonthsOld

❤️My heart is overflowing with love for you, my precious baby girl. It’s been eight months already! I love you more than I can express in words. xoxoxo

❤️ Let’s toast to eight months of smiles, cuddles, dances, and face plants. #firsthalloween #babygirl

❤️ Today is the eighth month of your life… We’ve taken a major step forward. Here’s a quick video showcasing some of the different things we’ve been up to recently, as well as a preview of what’s coming up.

❤️ On our eight-month anniversary, we took this picture.

❤️ How did this happen, oh, my goodness? Already eight months? Let’s keep our baby growing and stay strong, mamas!!

❤️ May your birthday serves as a reminder that a year can fly by. I’d want to wish you a happy 8th month anniversary.

❤️ Yes, our angel has been with us for eight months, but it feels like she’s always been with us. Every day, she brings us closer together. Sweetie, we love you!

❤️ Oh, my… I can’t believe it’s been eight months already! I’m amazed at how much you’ve changed in the last seven months. You’re nice, hilarious, silly, and crazy determined, and you’re probably obsessed with books, music, lights, and doors, among other things.

❤️ Baby girl, congratulations on turning eight months old. My heart is overflowing with joy as I see you develop from a little baby into your own little person. You light my world and make me grin every day. To the moon and back, I love you.

❤️ Over the last eight months, you’ve grown enormously. We love you to death.  Happy 8 Months Old baby girl.

❤️ I had no idea how I could be so in love with someone. I can’t wait to see what the next three years have in store for us, so happy 8 months baby girl. I love you, sweetheart.

❤️ Happy wonderful eight months, dear! The last few months have been extraordinary. Our beautiful newborn girl has joined our family. Jenny keeps us on our toes with her sleepless nights and early morning feedings. She’s progressing at a breakneck pace.

❤️ We enjoyed spending time with you, for the past 8 months, because you’re such a wonderful (and sometimes spoiled) little girl!

❤️ It’s been eight months already. It still amazes me that I was pregnant with you eight months ago, and now you’re staring at me with your beautiful brown eyes.

❤️ You appear to be happy! You’re getting a lot bigger!! I love you to death.

❤️ On June 13th, I became the mother of the world’s most lovely little baby.

❤️ I can’t believe how quickly our time has passed together. I see your gorgeous face and think about how much I miss the times we’ve spent together. But one thing is certain: I will never forget how to add everything up.

❤️ Your eyes are wide open at this point. When I take you up, you immediately turn towards me, smile at books that make noise and reach for my necklace with your small fingers. Nothing compares to the feeling of holding you in my arms.

Happy 8 Months Birthday to My Son Quotes

Happy 8 Months Birthday to My Son Quotes

1. My baby, you’re breathtaking when you’re awake, lovely when you’re sleeping, and incredible when you’re moving. My darling, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. My heart will always yearn for you, and my arms will be outstretched waiting for your embrace. I’m in love with you.

2. My son turns eight months old today. You will always be a wonderful gift, deserving of my love and affection.

3. This first stage of raising you has been a lot of fun for me. Thank you for putting your trust in me, son.  Happy eight-month birthday to you.

4. With your lovely gazes and gentle touches, you’ve always been able to mend my heart. My sweetheart, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th month birthday.

5. For the longest time, my favorite thing in the world is peering into your innocent eyes. My love, I’d want to wish you a happy 8-month birth anniversary.

6. I’m overjoyed to hold you in my arms. As you become older, we’ll be able to give you better hugs. My sweetheart, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th month birthday.

7.  Your beautiful eyes transform the earth into a heavenly place to live. My dear, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th month birthday. You are extremely valuable to me.

8. My darling, continue to mature gracefully. You make me so proud and pleased. My dear, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday.

9.  I’ll never forget the times when I had to stay up late. When I see your face, it’s all been worth it. My love, I’d want to wish you a happy 8-month birth anniversary.

10. I just want to make you happy much more. So I’m delighted you’re becoming older and learning to express your wants and needs. My darling, happy 8-month cake day!

11. Your looks are the best gift you’ve given me. So, my dear, keep staring. I’d want to wish you a happy 8-month birth anniversary.

12. I promise we’ll always have each other. Sweetie, happy 8-month birthday day! I’m in love with you.

13. I’m looking forward to discovering your favorite foods and drinks; thank goodness you’re becoming older. My kid, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday.

14. I love the innocence with which you sleep. It’s even better than staring at your eyes. My sweetheart, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday.

15. I’m emptying my entire heart out of love for you. Be sure you get everything. My sweetie, I’d like to wish you a happy 8-month birth anniversary.

8 Months Baby Quotes For Facebook

8 Month Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Baby Boy

8 Month Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Baby Boy

1. My baby, I’m grateful for the opportunity to watch you grow up and raise you to be a handsome young man. My dear, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. May the Almighty bless you, straighten your path, and expand your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. I am deeply in love with you my baby boy.

2. I love you and pray that you continue to shine brightly and brighten the world around you. My sweetheart, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th month birthday.

3. I love you unconditionally, I pray for you: may each day of your life be the greatest you’ve ever had, and may you always be blessed with favor and mercy. My dear, I wish you a happy 8-month birthday.

4. Wherever you go, may you be appreciated and celebrated. My handsome boy, I wish you a happy 8-month birthday.May your fate be favorable to you. May you have a life filled with testimonies. My sweetheart, I’d want to wish you a happy 8-month birthday.

5. I’m in love with you. May you crawl and walk into advantageous situations. My sweetheart, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. You’re fantastic.

6. May the Lord’s glory shine upon you in a favorable way. My sweetheart, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. I’m in love with you.Sweetie, happy 8-month cake day! It’s been a dream come true spending my life with you. I pray that you continue to bring us and the rest of the world joy.

7. My sweetheart, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. May you never become sick and live a happy and successful life. My Baby I love you to the moon and back and to the square of infinity

8. May your hope never fade away, and may God’s blessings continue to shower you. My dear, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday.

9. My sweetheart, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. May you be in the right place at the right moment all of the time. May life treat you well and bring you excellent friends. To me, you are priceless.

10. My sweetheart, I’d want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life with all of your loved ones. My baby may you have a healthy and happy life. I’m in love with you.

11. Happy 8th month birthday, my prince. I pray that this month is better than the rest. And the coming ones are better than this 8th one. I love you.

Happy Eight Months Baby Quotes For Instagram

Funny 8 months old Instagram captions

Wow! You’ve made it all the way to the end of the article.

I hope that these wishes make today extra memorable for the baby boy or girl, and that they usher the baby boy or girl into a life filled with blessings and riches.

Let us know what you think of the above happy 8 month birthday baby boy and baby girl wishes and quotes by leaving a comment.

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It’s in the months to come that your baby will become more active in learning, seeking answers to the mysteries of the world around him or her. Below is a video from Heidi Murkoff, a creator of What to Expect, YouTube channel where she guide you about everything you need to know on the age of discovery for babies which is the 8th Month.

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